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Tottenham rumours hit a new low point

ferdinandFootball FanCast guest columnist Dan Rawlings reflects on the latest outlandish rumour circulating White Hart Lane.

I have seen some stupid and outlandish transfer rumours in my time but Rio Ferdinand to Tottenham takes some beating in my opinion and it is right up there with Luis Figo stepping out of retirement following 9 holes with Harry, or Pavlyuchenko moving to the scum, in terms of the bizarreness and I may well be right in thinking that our friends at the Daily Mail have had a hand in all three. It must have been a quiet week, especially as they have felt the need to come out with this sort of drivel.

What is it with the papers in this country? By my reckoning it is only Lamps that hasn’t been linked with a move back to WHL, as the Press work on the theory that if you have played for Harry Redknapp before then he must be interested in moving to Tottenham and play with their old boss again. It is quite a ridiculous attempt at putting two and two together, yet it is clearly a train of thought that so many of Fleet Street’s finest choose to adopt these days.

As much as I respect Ferdinand as a player and his abilities as a footballer the chances of him leaving the opportunity to challenge for the title and regular Champions League football is about as likely as Harry Redknapp getting through a press conference without saying ‘triffic’. I call upon those Spurs fans, who I have seen on other sites actually weighing the deal up that it isn’t, and will never ever happen so don’t give them the satisfaction and bite at their ridiculous story.

Article title: Tottenham rumours hit a new low point

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