Tottenham rumours once again rear their ugly head

BenFosterFootball FanCast guest columnist Jason Smith hates this time of year, especially when the Tottenham transfer rumours rear their ugly head.

I hate this time of the year, especially with the January window fast approaching and the newspapers are starting to be filled with outlandish transfer rumours or rehashed ones and quotes from player’s agents from the summer. It always amazes me the amount of people that actually bite at these stories, especially with the way Tottenham usually go about their business.

While I am sure there is the odd exception that will no doubt be thrown my way in the comments, in short when Tottenham do buy a player it is kept under wraps until a few hours prior to the official announcement, catching supporters and the Press by surprise, I mean who can honestly say they saw the Bassong and Kranjcar deals coming this summer for example, or the likes of Pavlyuchenko, Modric and Dos Santos the year previous. There is no point in believing anything until you see the player holding up the shirt at Spurs Lodge, regardless of what the media would like you to believe.

I really don’t know where they get their motivation from, however I do believe the freeness of Harry Redknapp’s tongue may have something to do with it and has given them a dossier of players that he has claimed to have a liking for. Ben Afar is one name that has been linked in the past few, while the seasonal favourite Matt Upson has reappeared on the radar and with Cudicini out for the foreseeable and Ben Foster claiming that he needs first team football, what a great way to put two and two together making five. As a United fan quipped in the Guardian; why would Foster go from being No.2 at Old Trafford to being No.2 at White Hart Lane; my sentiments exactly, still, I suppose it makes for a good story.

Maybe I am alone in my hatred of this time of year and enjoy the rumour and speculation, but I prefer it if the media had their own transfer window and weren’t allowed to make comments or publish a rumour until such time that it is relevant and when clubs are in the process of following them through. Unfortunately the current set-up only goes to unsettle clubs and current players if the media continue to run stories that in all likelihood probably have no basis of truth.