Tottenham should take financial hit to get transfer ball rolling

I for one have never understood the mentality of football clubs that fail to improve their squads in pre-season, so to give new signings ample time to settle into their surrounds and build up some chemistry with their teammates ahead of a new campaign. It is surely counterproductive and does little to help the manager.

I’m certainly not going to criticise Daniel Levy as he has done an incredible job with the football club, however when it comes to transfers we do tend to drag our feet somewhat and more often than not we do miss out on players as a result. I know there is the school of thought that the longer you leave it the greater chance you have to secure a better deal, but the way I see it is that to ensure greater success on the pitch it is vital you move early to secure the targeted players early and more importantly give them a better chance to be fully prepared for the up and coming season. Look at the problems Pavlyuchenko faced in settling in; what chance did he really have to succeed given he was just thrown straight into the team?

The general feeling is that it is a slow market and other clubs are also struggling to secure players. That maybe true but if your manager has pinpointed the players that you wish to sign then why not make every effort to secure these deals early? Harry has hinted on occasions that we can’t buy players until we generate some funds, but shouldn’t a club that is on the brink of the Champions League group stages, and the riches it will bring, be looking to perhaps take the financial hit upfront and look to recoup it later in the transfer window, or in January? Shouldn’t Harry be given every opportunity to build on last season’s success? It seems to me we are subsequently going to get dragged into last minute deadline deals in order to improve the squad, which is (as history has proven) hardly the best preparation for a new season.

Written By Matt Wright

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