Tottenham transfer link appears to have turned his head

You have to be a brave man to stand up to Keane; however if you are being touted as one of the finest young talents this country has produced then perhaps you may feel you have the divine right to be treated differently and are deserving of a regular first team start. I personally don’t believe you do and back Roy’s decision with regards to the youngster.

Of course it is just speculation at this moment that a fallout has occurred; however you do sense by the body language that something may be boiling under the surface. Maybe the continued talk of a move to Tottenham has turned the youngster’s head (we have seen it before after all), but I ask the question as to what is the rush for a move to the Premier League especially when given the golden opportunity to learn the trade for a couple of years in familiar surroundings? A move to the Premier League will only see him shipped out on loan, or stuck in the reserves.

Keane has his fair share of critics, but he is making the right decision in attempting to keep Wickham grounded. Too many times youngsters  have let a little bit of success get to their head and subsequently it has had a detrimental effect and their careers have fallen by the waste side as a result. Roy did his apprenticeship under the guidance of the master in Brian Clough, who knew how to keep you on your toes and Keane wouldn’t have been half the player became at United if it wasn’t for the nurturing he received at Forest. Connor could learn something from Roy and should embrace his manager’s standpoint, not look to challenge it. His time will come; the youngster just needs to show patience. He may want a move to Tottenham in January, but I believe in terms of his long term development, he would be wise to sit tight for the time being.

Written By Jon Peters