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Tottenham needed this like a hole in the head…

Football FanCast guest columnist Jay Ronson is fed up of International managers sticking their oar in.

Bill Nicholson once turned his back on his country stating the Tottenham was his priority, as they were the ones who paid his wages and the great man was right on the money with his view as in any club vs. country row, the players club should always have the final say.

Don't get me wrong I am a patriot and when England play I'm singing with the best of them, but Tottenham are and always will be a priority given the choice and why I respect what a massive honour it is for players to represent their country, they need to know which side their bread is buttered, regardless of what their international managers may say.

Unfortunately international managers don't share this view and prefer to look after themselves, oppose to the best interests of the player. They try and dictate a player's destiny, just for their own benefit and players tend to bow down to their words and potentially leave their club in limbo as a result. We have suffered with this on more than one occasion in the past and it appears to be happening once again with Roman Pavlyuchenko.

As I say this isn't the first time this has happened and Fabio Capello warned Tom Huddlestone earlier on this year about his future. Fortunately injury has meant Tom has had a starting berth throughout and he didn't need to move on in the summer, but it doesn't seem the case with Pavlyuchenko who on the guidance of Hiddink is set to turn his back on the football club, rather than fight for a first team place. Hiddink's words are of a huge inconvenience and extremely untimely.

This isn't the first time that Hiddink has stuck his nose in at Tottenham and you would think having spent time in England that he would have been better off guiding the player as to what he has to do to make a breakthrough here and warrant a first team place. Surely regular Premier League football would be of greater to benefit to Hiddink than seeing Pav stroll through the pedestrian Russian Leagues. At the end of the day he is not being picked at Tottenham due to his performance and his sulking ways; it is not as if Harry Redknapp or the club have closed the door on him succeeding.

It is extremely frustrating and just when Harry is building up a strong squad with four top quality strikers, Hiddink looking after No.1, is doing his damndest to break that up for what is only for his self gain. The chances are he won't be Russian boss by the end of next year's World Cup so it is clear that his outburst is purely for selfish reasons only, oppose to looking out for Pav's long term career and taking away a golden opportunity for him to establish himself in what is the best league in the world.


Article title: Tottenham needed this like a hole in the head…

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