Tottenham’s brinkmanship proves worth the wait on deadline day

Joao Moutinho, Tottenham HotspurNot many things are guaranteed in life, but you can perhaps bank on two processes at the very least. We will all die and just as prominently, Tottenham Hotspur will always indulge in some deadline day chaos in the transfer window.

Whether you take that word as gospel is entirely at your own risk although as yet another summer transfer period comes to a close, Spurs fans are spending the day glued to just about every media outlet possible, as they try and keep abreast of the several comings and goings at the club.

And if you thought a few paracetamols were enough to deal with Jim White firing a hundred vowels a second at you last year, you might need something stronger this evening. Even by Spurs’ standards, today is set to be something special.

Taking the tongue firmly out of the cheek however, the adrenaline that’s been pumping around White Hart Lane over the past few weeks, hasn’t necessarily been all of an exciting nature. There has been a real, palpable sense of frustration in N17 as the club have seemingly failed to back the new Andre Villas-Boas led regime, they caused such upheaval to require.

The Harry Redknapp debacle had long since evaporated but the notion in bringing in a new manager to simply let him work with what was already there, felt deeply flawed indeed.

Optimism bred like wildfire in the immediate week after Villas-Boas’ appointment. Scepticism ruled the roost in the initial period after Redknapp’s departure, but fans quickly rallied behind their new man. After the acquisitions of Jan Vertonghen and Gylfi Sigurdsson, it was thought that Spurs supremo Daniel Levy was ready to back his new man to the hilt.

So you can imagine the look on fans’ faces when their team started off the new Premier League season with only one recognised striker, their best player half way out the exit door and none of the manager’s own men brought in. Villas-Boas’ side have played some decent stuff in their first two games but the manager has had to face unfair critique for a team that resembled far, far from what it was likely to come close of play today.

Daniel Levy has a backing at the football club that is almost unnerving in it’s belief, but he’s certainly not been immune from stick in the last few weeks, especially after the 1-1 draw at home to West Bromwich Albion. No one can deny that a Luka Modric sized spanner caused some seriously issues in the works of late and trying to bring in the sort of reinforcements that Villas-Boas has craved were always going to be difficult until the Croatian was sold.

His brinkmanship is almost legendary but it’s not as if it hasn’t left his club with some contrasting results in the past. Visions of last year and the memories of Berbatov-gate in 2008 certainly felt a lot more vivid in the last few days. The small pockets of boos after last Saturday’s game were fickle and irresponsible, but rightly or wrongly, Levy will have taken note. Villas-Boas shouldn’t have faced the opening two fixtures with a squad that was so far from his vision of complete and supporters were anxious to see it rectified.

But not all have lost the faith. The hashtag #InLevyWeTrust may not have exactly been trending in recent weeks, but there has been a bubbling undercurrent of feeling that the chairman was planning something big. But quite how big, no one was entirely sure.

After a summer listening to 14-year-olds dictate transfer news behind a suit and briefcase avatar on Twitter, many were sick as a dog at the continuous ‘ITK’ and inside rumours swirling around the club. But a few names, however obvious they may have seemed, kept popping up. Not seemingly realistic, but there’s no smoke without fire. It would seem the smoke may have been emanating from more a towering inferno, than a simmering camp fire.

Modric’s exit out the Spurs trap door to Real Madrid has catalyzed an audacious catalogue of moves in the final days of the transfer window. The acquisition of Moussa Dembele, even at £15million, represented a real coup for Tottenham and fans quickly seemed to reassemble their pre-season optimism. The Belgian is a wonderfully talented footballer and will add a new dimension to this Spurs squad.

But it’s the news of an agreed fee for Joao Moutinho that really has the capacity to send supporters into a Portuguese-induced field of hysteria. He was always been the one, the jewel that Villas-Boas craved more than any other for his new Tottenham crown. The ultimate metronome for not just AVB’s way of playing, but potentially any way of playing. You can never pre-empt a foreigner’s adaption to the Premier League, but Moutinho is the real deal.

And it doesn’t stop there. French national captain and Lyon goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is currently in London as he prepares to finalize a move – a deal is yet to be agreed, but expected to go through. These aren’t wild speculations Spurs are taking a punt on here. Moutinho and Lloris are two of the best footballers of the continent. The hyperbole is genuine and their talents have been there to see as recently as the European Championships.

Spurs late flurry isn’t without sadness, though. There are set to be as many departures as there may be acquisitions and the one that hurts the most is Rafael van der Vaart’s return to Hamburg. The Dutchman has been loved at the Lane in a way perhaps not seen since David Ginola and losing such a fan favourite will be hard to stomach. A small consolation is that Van der Vaart was always likely to return to Germany at some point, such was the situation in his personal life. And Moutinho’s imminent arrival isn’t exactly a bad remedy, either.

But whatever happens tonight, it’s bound to be a deadline day to remember. It’s all change at the Lane and finally, Villas-Boas is getting the backing he deserves- a level of which we perhaps have never seen at Tottenham before. So sit back, relax and savour the power of the White this evening. Because there’s every chance there could be one more surprise left, on what may be a defining day for the club.

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