Trophies or debt? Which one would United rather be without?

Oh how Portsmouth fans would love to swap places with their friends at Old Trafford! With tens of thousands of United fans reportedly planning a protest at tonight’s Champions League match, they might want to spare a thought for those less fortunate.

The green and yellow army will be out in full force and are rumoured to be boycotting the first 10 minutes of the game against Milan in opposition to the club’s owners. The owner’s have been heavily criticised by the Old Trafford faithful for piling up a high amount of debt since their take-over.

Just a few facts to put this all into perspective. Since the Glazer’s takeover in 2005, United have won the Premier League 3 times, the League Cup 3 times, one World Club Cup and the Champions League once, as well as reaching the final on another occasion. So while the club is in debt, is it really all doom and gloom at United?

The fact is the club is not in a Portsmouth-like situation. They are not going to go in to meltdown over the course of 6 months. The green and yellow brigade may have a very fair point, and they may also been looking out for the best interest of the club, but while the success is coming on the field, why not just bite your tongue for a little bit longer? Would the United fans really swap all those trophies for a club that makes a profit?

Take a look at Portsmouth. Having reached the FA Cup semi-finals, the celebrations could not have been more muted on the south coast for this is merely a distraction from the main problem. While it may be a true FA Cup story, it is no way near enough to help Pompy out of the hole they are currently in. Their fate is sealed, the FA Cup is just a matter of pride and may be a chance for the players to earn a transfer away from the club this summer.

So, while United line up against AC Milan, with millions of pounds worth of talent on display, the pitch lit up by the lights of a 76,000 seater stadium, it should be a show of unity rather than protest that the fans display. This of course will not be the case, the fans have already shown that they want the Glazers out. When United reach the quarter finals once again, the question of success over debt will certainly play on some people’s minds. Fans in Portsmouth would swap places every day of the week.

So, I ask, if it isn’t killing the club is it really worth protesting over?