Would you trust Benitez with a large transfer kitty?

The Anfield faithful will be looking forward to May. The Europa League hopefuls will be confident of a trip to Hamburg in order to watch The Reds in the final but for the rest, the month will see the end of the a Premier League season which, at times, has verged on embarrassing. The Europa League, and of course a possible fourth place finish could well save Rafa Benitez’s Liverpool future but with the news of substantial investment, would Liverpool fans really trust him with the cash?

The Spaniard’s transfer history is about as successful as Ronaldo’s self-discipline when driving past a Brazilian Mcdonald’s. In his time at Liverpool, Benitez has spent around £228million on transfers. This includes transfer fees alone and does not include player’s salaries. The likes of Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt, Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina have all been worth the money but there is a worrying amount of players who have caused us to question the judgement of the Liverpool boss.

The general consensus is that the latter group of players have simply been well below the quality required to win the Premier League. Take Andrea Dossena for example. He cost the club £7million and, apart from a goal at Old Trafford, generally failed to win over the Anfield faithful. Across the country in Manchester, Liverpool’s rivals United currently boast possibly the best left back in the World. Patrice Evra cost United £5.5million and is just one example of a rival manager who has a substantially better transfer record than Benitez. Alberto Aquilani is the most recent, questionable acquisition. The Italian has shown glimpses of promise but shelling out £20million on a player who is injury prone is yet another risk. After all, Sir Alex signed Antonio Valencia for £4million less, Nicolas Anelka cost Chelsea just £15million and Arsenal signed Andrey Arshavin for a fee less than that of Aquilani. I can’t see him topping that list in the ideal transfer list. The transfer is more of a surprise given that, according to reports, Liverpool could have signed Valencia’s David Silva for around £5million more. A small amount for a player who could have propelled Liverpool towards the League title.

I do believe Liverpool need a fresh start. Many would disagree and if Liverpool make fourth spot then I could be eating my words. If Benitez is to stay on then the fans will be hoping that he can replicate his previous success in winning trophies, in this summer’s transfer market. Liverpool need quality and it is something money CAN buy. Instead of looking for players in the region of £10million, Benitez must go for players who have proven themselves in Europe. David Villa and David Silva are both available and the likes of Angel Di Maria, Lassana Diarra and Raul could all be potential signings. Not to my surprise however, the most recent of transfer rumours regarding Liverpool involve Lee Chung Yong of Bolton and Danny Wilson of Rangers. So as I take a deep breath and let out a long sigh, I ask the Liverpool fans, would you trust Benitez with this summer’s cash? And if not, when will he learn?