Twitter promise comes back to bite Arsenal Fan TV star

Stay away from Regent Street, folks. Claude, of Arsenal Fan TV fame, is due to be doing a lovely naked job along the famous street some time in the near future, thanks to this tweet.

Bold promises from football fans are not rare, but the prospect of middle-aged nudity adds to the potential hilarity. We don’t like to see people embarrassed (that much), yet the guys who appear on the cringe-worthy Arsenal Fan channel must be used to the humiliation.

Although you’d imagine there is a different sense of embarrassment from banging on about net spend to having your naked body seen by the entirety of Regent Street.

Even the enunciation of the fans gives social media plenty of material. Football fans can make themselves look silly when they’re sat in their full kit crying in their living room, but the internet gives us a wonderful tool to see fans’ worst moments beamed across the world. Or even getting a bit ranty to some 90s music..

Cringe-levels reached a new high with Arsenal Fan TV’s latest video…

I doubt we’ll be seeing any of the boys from this rap battling with Eminem any time soon, somehow.

Maybe Claude is hoping that his naked stunt in central London will distract from the rest of the gut-wrenching content that pours out of their Youtube channel..

Especially with videos like this coming out on a regular basis..