Two vital ingredients that will decide Manchester City’s fate

Manchester City have made an excellent start to the season and seem to have stamped their mark as one of the ‘big four’ at the top of the league, but do they have enough arrogance and self belief to take them to the title?

You can assemble a side with all the quality in the world but it counts for little if you don’t have the self belief to take you over the finish line. In the past few seasons it has been this self belief that has set the title winning sides apart from the rest. Manchester United and Chelsea have shown that they have the arrogant edge that sets them apart from their rivals. They feel that they belong at the top, as it is their rightful place and their sides act accordingly to this. To be the best, you have to believe you are the best, and this is something Manchester United in particular have no trouble with.

Take the United side from last season, it wasn’t filled with the most talented individuals of all time, but an iron self belief runs through the side, that sees them come back from the brink game after game, with late second half performances and late goals. Their gutsy self belief more than makes up for their lack of flair. They always have faith in themselves and never lose hope, continuing to give everything until the final whistle. Every player is involved in that and dedicated to the cause, and it has been the difference between them and the other sides around them.

Jose Mourinho brought the same kind of self belief to Chelsea. He assembled a team of winners, with his arrogant streak rubbing off on his players, and they gained much success throughout his term. He turned Chelsea into winners, and his psychological impact on the side was arguably more important than his tactical contribution. Chelsea believed they were the best and this paid off over the course of his reign.

We only have to look at the Arsenal side to see that you can create a side of hugely talented individuals, but it counts for little if they don’t have the required self belief to take them the next step. It is arguably more important than the talented personnel in the side, and sets the good teams apart from the trophy winners. You need that self belief to pull you through over the course of a long season.

Manchester City will have benefitted from winning the FA Cup last season, as it will give them confidence, and certainly help to instill some of the belief necessary to take the side on to the next level. There is now an expectancy of success at the club, which although brings pressure, also demands higher standards. It is this belief that they are good enough that will take them even further.

There is a question of having potentially too much arrogance, which is always a problem when assembling a side full of world class players. Too much arrogance, could create an expectation that you are going to win without even trying, which could cause problems. Players need to be of a certain mould and you certainly need a bit of an arrogant streak to be the best. It is important that a side fears no one and doesn’t give any other team too much respect.

Manchester City are just in their infancy as a successful title challenging side, but they seem to be gathering all the elements together to achieve success at the club. As well as an array of star names, they are now starting to believe that they have enough class, and as they continue on this path, and the more successful they become, the greater their self belief will be and the harder they will be to knock off the top. As their rivals have done before them, if they believe they are the real deal then they will be, both domestically and in Europe. All the players are aware of the clubs history and they are the ones now tasked with changing it, it is not an easy task, and will require enormous amounts of bottle off the field as well as on it, but it seems like they just might have enough self belief to get there.

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Article title: Two vital ingredients that will decide Manchester City’s fate

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