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United are ‘over the hill and overhyped’…hmm

FleetStreetFootball FanCast guest columnist Paul Lescott reflects at the media’s latest attempt to discredit Manchester United.

I don’t think I will ever be surprised at the way the media attempt to put down United in order to sell a story. Whether it is a swipe at Ferguson, despicable attempts to discredit a model pro like Ferdinand they just can’t seem to get enough of it. Sir Alex rightly said that unfortunately modern day journalism is all about sensationalising, in order to sell papers. It is a sad state of affairs, and the amount of decent football writers out there is diminishing as the years rolls past.

I am sure I wasn’t the only one who picked up on the ridiculous piece in one of the red tops yesterday about Nani and United in general. I can’t remember the author of the piece, but some of the drivel coming out of his mouth, even by Fleet Street standards was horrendous in the extreme. The author must have got the brief from his editor to try and wind up as many United supporters as possible and I am sure there were a fair few that did.

Apparently United are ‘over the hill’ and ‘over hyped’, ‘on a downward climb’ while players like Paul Scholes (arguably one of our better players) are ‘declining quicker than Bardot did’. Oh it gets even better when the journalist claims he predicted our decline some 12months ago. I was wondering if that was just after we picked up the World Club Championship, to go along with our Champions League and Premier League double. Three consecutive league titles in a row; wow that is some decline I think you’ll agree.

I often wonder what the motivation is with the press these days to fill their column inches with such utter garbage, which shows ignorance and naivety of the highest order. Are they that short of content, are they really struggling to sell papers, but more importantly how easy is it to get a job in journalism, because if that is what is required then I’ll go to college right away and start studying, after all they get paid a damn sight more money than I currently do.

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Article title: United are ‘over the hill and overhyped’…hmm

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