United are well within their rights to strike deal

Football FanCast guest columnist Colin Lester feels United are well within their rights to snap up Paul Pogba.

Quite why football clubs choose to throw their toys out of the pram, whenever they lose one of their young starlets remains a mystery to me as they all know the rules. I don't ever recall the likes of Barcelona crying when the likes of Fabregas was taken from their academy set-up by Arsenal as they understand the ruling about the offering professional contracts and know it is fair gain if other clubs nip in and offer terms. The way I see it is if the player is happy and content then they will remain loyal, despite being dangled carrots elsewhere.

While I accept that it is not the same situation as Fabregas was, as Le Havre are certainly no Barcelona in terms of size, the principle is the same and United were well within their rights to approach Paul Pogba. The French club can scream and holler as much as they like, but they have certainly had the opportunity to bring terms to the table, especially as he is the U16 French Captain therefore likely to be in demand. I appreciate that La Havre may not have a huge amount of resources, but surely someone at the football club would have realised that in a couple of years he will undoubtedly worth a fair few million therefore it would have been in their best interest to up the ante now and give him an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Le Havre spokesman said: ''We want to express our anger at the scheming by Manchester United's directors concerning Paul Pogba.

''These are the same directors who were giving morality lessons a few weeks ago about the sums certain clubs were spending in the transfer market.

''Now they are pillaging Le Havre, and French football, for one of their best young players.

''While governments, FIFA and UEFA have made stands against the trafficking of minors, United have not hesitated to uproot a 16-year-old kid." (People)

We know it is not the first time United have been pulled up about this, as we witnessed when Macheda emerged in the first team last season, but until such time that FIFA and UEFA impose sanctions or put official rulings in place then we, as well as any other club, are well within our rights to do this. Liverpool has been plundering Spain and Hungary of all their young starlets for weeks, yet it always seems to be us that gets the grief.

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