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United being used once again to broker deals elsewhere

Football FanCast guest columnist Bryan Jenkins is fed up of seeing agents use United's name in order to broker deals elsewhere.

The role of football agents in modern football is about as welcome as a fart in an elevator and the sooner they were flushed out of the game the better. They are parasites, scum of the highest order and the time has surely come for an independent transfer body set up to deal with all moves. Not only will it bring transparency and go some way in cleaning up the game, but it will also keep the money within football and not some offshore bank account.

One trait that I don't particularly like about them, especially around United is the way they use our name to broker deals elsewhere whether it be a permanent move or an improved contract at their respective clubs. We see it all the time and once again this afternoon we have seen Maicon's agent deliver some cock and bull story that we have been monitoring the Inter star for a while now and apparently in the past few weeks we have stepped up our interest even further…hmm, a likely story.

Obviously this would all be believable if United were really in the market for a right-back, however with Gary Neville, Wes Brown, John O'Shea and Rafael at the club I hardly see that being likely, especially given the latter's rapid progress last season; no it is just more banding around of the club's name to push through relevant deals elsewhere.

I know many will wonder why I should be so concerned about it, after all what harm is it doing. Why that may well be true, the fact of the matter is that apart from the stories potentially proving unsettling for our current squad players in the respective position, it also could be deemed that we are attempting to unsettle players under contract and why I'm sure someone like Jose Mourinho will be able to see through this, I reckon given our current rep with have with FIFA and UEFA at present, I am sure other clubs will look to sling mud at us, on the basis on what agents may say and it could have repercussions on us, despite how innocent we may be.

The last thing we need is more bad press with regards to acquiring players, especially when the claims appear totally false and without substance.

Article title: United being used once again to broker deals elsewhere

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