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Unsettling Spurs talk about as welcome as a fart in an elevator

Football FanCast guest columnist Danny Jones feels that a
certain Andres Guardado should keep his opinions to himself.

One of
the great irritations I find in football is the way footballers and clubs stick
their noses into other's business and try and stir up trouble. I find it about
as welcome as a fart in an elevator, especially when it comes to my beloved

I know
the neutrals will point the finger and claim I have some front, especially with
one of football's chief protagonist of it in charge at the Lane, (like I really
care what you sorry lot think anyway) but I do have a problem with it and I
cringe everytime Harry comes out and pass comment and I think it is
disrespectful and all of it should be wiped out by the authorities – I mean
look how many times we have been on the receiving end of it and seen our heroes
leave as a result?

reason for my rant was Andres Guardado's unwelcome touting up of Giovani Dos
Santos this afternoon. The Deportivo La Coruna striker claimed that his
compatriot would be a great addition to the side, before going on as to how
despite him being happy on a personal level (didn't he just get dumped?) that
he isn't getting a chance by his club.

"If Giovani came then we
would be able to count on a quality player who has huge potential and can help
raise the level of the team,

"He is a great player and I
am not just saying that because he is Mexican too but because he is going
through a very good time on a personal level,

his club side though he is not being given much time to play and it would be
great if he went to another team because he is a very important player for
Mexico and if he came here then even better."

Thank you for your views Mr Guardado, perhaps you
may wish to ask your friend as to why he hasn't been getting much action at
White Hart Lane, could it be down to his poor attitude perhaps and the off-field
problems which kind of contradict what you said. You may want to take notice
that Harry Redknapp has claimed last week that all these past issues have been
ironed out, having met up with his parents, and suggested that Dos Santos is
ever improving and has a part to play at White Hart Lane in the near future. I
know you don't wish to hear the facts, hence why you have blatantly tried to
paint a different picture here, but I ask you Andres to pee-off and keep your
unwanted opinions to yourself.

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Article title: Unsettling Spurs talk about as welcome as a fart in an elevator

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