VIDEO: Goalkeeping Gaffes

Being a goalkeeper has always been a dangerous occupation and they seem to be prone to plenty of gaffes. Of course these are highlighted when you’re inbetween the sticks and here are three recent classics that will give any goalkeepers out there nightmares. You wouldn’t be picking these ‘keepers in your fantasy football team!

This goalkeeper stops a penalty but gets surprised by a sneaky hidden player. This is something that Manchester City ‘keeper Shay Given always protects against now by looking over both shoulders after being caught out by Coventry’s Dion Dublin while playing for Newcastle.

A match between Irish CCFL Division 3 teams Melville Celtic and Ballymahon B. Not only does the goalie hit his own player and the ball loops back into the net, but he strikes him so hard that it knocks him out!

Here the goalkeeper thinks that the striker has missed the penalty, but how wrong he was! Bizarre: