VIDEO – When Frost met Dixon

In 1977, national treasure David Frost conducted a series of interviews with former American president Richard Nixon surrounding his involvement in The Watergate Scandal. 45 million people witnessed Frost’s finest hour as he cut to the core of “Tricky Dicky” and gained an unprecedented insight into the mind of a world leader like nothing seen prior. He was elevated from humble British journalist who wrote about famous womens’ ankles for “Dames & Their Snuggly Bits” (The FHM/Nuts of the time) to Louis Theroux on crack. However, like a juxtaposed metaphor, a fire still burned within Frost, he wanted more, Nixon hadn’t even begun to quench his thirst for high brow chat.

As the years passed, Frost disposed of countless adversaries (in interviews, not with a hammer) as his lust for a worthy opponent grew evermore. In his darkest hour he thought about finishing it all, “am I really the most powerful man on the planet? Is there really nothing more to achieve?” he mused. Then it came to him; who could possibly offer a more stout defence than the Arsenal backline of the late 1990s. Tony Adams was unavailable, as was Nigel Winterburn which was a shame because he was looking forward to the headlines for that one; “Winterburned by Frost!”. Just as David was ready to start the car in his garage there came an eleventh hour phone call from none other than Lee Dixon. It was at that point he knew Dixon was his man, this was destiny. The world stood still as Frost and Dixon locked horns in the biggest battle of wits of all time, discussing issues that cast The Watergate interviews into obscurity. Issues such as Who was the toughest winger he ever faced? and Does he still keep in contact with his old team mates? En garde!

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