Returning to PL a far different player to the one that left Arsenal

Patrick-VieiraDebate has been rife on the message boards about the signing of Patrick Viera and whether he is in fact a good acquisition for City; I am personally undecided, however the Frenchman’s arrival does have its plus points.

Arsene Wenger has come out today and suggested that it is a ‘Good Marriage’ and while you do sense that he would say that, given the massive role played by Viera during his years at Arsenal, he raises an interesting point about the real benefit of his signing is the wealth of PL winning experience to a City squad, which with the exception of Carlos Tevez and Kolo Toure has very little indeed. Viera won’t be playing every week, but you do feel off the pitch he can help groom the likes of De Jong or Vincent Kompany into eventually becoming that midfield general that we so desperately need.

It is a shrewd move by Mancini and he knows exactly what he is buying having signed him at Inter Milan and although he returns back to the Premier League a far different player to that high energy, tough tackling and box to box runner that we witnessed enviously play for Arsenal during the first half of the noughties, Mancini must clearly feel that he can be the man to anchor the midfield and bring protection to what has been a shaky backline this season. I wouldn’t question Roberto’s judgment, especially given his excellent start at Eastlands.

Despite Wenger’s endorsement, there have been many so called experts questioning the logic of the move and that Viera is set to damage his reputation in English football, as he is perceived as just a shadow of the player he once was. They may well be right, however Viera is some four years older and has had to adjust his game accordingly as the legs catch up on him, but that isn’t to say that he will be any less affective for the club. The way I look at the deal it is one where we simply have everything to gain and really nothing to lose.

Written By Tom Howson