Vital the PL don’t allow Liverpool to be sold another dud

As Hicks and Gillett look to end a calamitous tenure at Anfield a potential bidding war between Syrian businessman Yahya Kirdi and Kenneth Huang will be music to their ears.

It is safe to say that supporter enmity has dogged their three years in charge and they will look to reap as much of their initial investment when they purchased Liverpool for around £5,000 per share back in 2007 – it seems this will undoubtedly be aided by a two-way tussle for the club.

Surprise Syrian bidder Kirdi has claimed that his group are advanced negotiations” with the owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett which may spark a bidding war between the pair. He has also pledged to clear Liverpool’s debt and provide the required investment for Stanley Park whilst Huang recently moved swiftly to deny he had made a formal offer.

However whilst the sound of Liverpool’s owners rubbing their hands together will be heard from far and wide, there is an element of scepticism that clouds Yahya Kirdi’s assertions that he had been negotiating directly with Hicks and Gillett and was on the verge of gifting them a quick turn around on their investment with many suggesting he is simply aiding them to drive up any price paid by Huang.

Whilst the future of their club is still undecided, Liverpool’s supporters will hope beyond hope that the Premier League vets do due diligence on any potential owners so they do not have to endure another year over politics between the manager and the board.

They will also hold hope that any prospective owners will look down at the history books to see just how wonderful a football club it is as opposed to an opportunity to line their pockets.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett have shown time and time again that business experience does not guarantee a successful tenancy at one of the world’s great football clubs particularly when sheer greed is at the forefront of every action.

It seems the talk of a new ground at Stanley Park was nothing more than some graphic images on somebody’s MacBook designed with the intentions of luring an investor into pay for it all and the evidence  that they still want to make money out of their farcical venture despite everything that has gone before is another tasteless joke which will not be welcomed by the Anfield faithful.

Whatever the outcome of the current negotiations, Roy Hodgson’s plans may experience a complete overhaul in the coming weeks but a re-write of the American regime is simply not an option and the new owners may regret offering promises they simply cannot fulfil if they arrive at Anfield in the near future.

With the PL season nearly upon us, let’s see the WAGS that will be keeping the players on their toes. Click on image to VIEW gallery