More shocking WOB! revelations that will shock the unshockable to the bone! Chris Waddle has revealed that he deliberately missed his penalty kick in the 1990 World Cup semi final as A JOKE. Telling all in his latest volume of memoirs “Somewhere Over The Upright” the mullet-haired diamond-lit winger-singer explains that the squad’s then chief prankster Tony Adams dared that he couldn’t hit the Goodyear blimp that hovered harmlessly above the stadium. “I never turn my back on a prank” he said at the console of It’s Goodbye, his home recording studio in Sheffield, “I don’t know if you’ve seen Back to the Future, but like Marty McFly, I ain’t no chicken.” It is not known if Italy’s Roberto Baggio was attempting a similar prank (il pranko) in the 2004 World Cup final. Tweeting his disgust, Waddle’s former team mate Gary Lineker responded “Why did he sub me? It was my last game for God’s sake!!!” #walkerscrispsarethebest