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WAGS, WAGS, WAGS… the media just can’t get enough of them and as we finish the Premier League season we couldn’t resist creating our very own WAG Idol, to find out which player has the loveliest bit of skirt on his arm.

We are running a series of club heats – so please select the wag that gives your club the best chance of taking the Wag crown.

Just click on the individual images of beauties to upload their galleries, so you can get a look of them in greater detail!

Radka Kocurova – The former Miss Czech Republic is the long term partner of Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky and together they form the Posh and Becks of the Czech Republic. While Rosicky spends much of his time on the treatment table, Kocurova has spent time as a whether girl in her native country and must have brightened up the lives of many viewers. It would seem that Kocurova is also wife material for the Arsenal star even though Rosicky hasn’t exactly been the perfect boyfriend, with his misdemeanours in a hotel room generously forgiven.

Yulia Arshavin – So you’re just going to have to take my word for it when I say that Mr and Mrs Arshavin are truly the Dharma and Greg of The footballer and their Wags world. Andrei plays the Greg role, all straight laced and old fashioned conservatism, he is on record as saying that all women should be banned from driving “because they are too dangerous.” (As opposed, presumably, to professional footballers, whose collective road safety record is unblemished.) Yulie is Dharma: baggy clothing and sass, she thinks that the English are “too reserved.” She also thinks the country is “dull,” and the food “sub-standard” (in fairness, when I first read that quote I assumed she was talking about a ham and turkey six incher, all the salad and on traditional Italian white- so she might have a point on the issue of our unimaginative pallets.)

Baroness Caroline Luel-Brockdorff – It is normally the case with the modern day wag that they are only attached to the modern day footballer for their money, however Baroness Caroline (Nicklas Bendtner latest squeeze) doesn’t need the Arsenal star’s money given she has just received a divorce settlement of £400m.

Following the breakdown of her marriage Nicklas Bendtner entered the fray- displaying, it should be noted, significantly more urgency than he’s hitherto yet to display chasing down a loose ball in an Arsenal shirt- and is spotted walking and playing football in Hyde park with and her children. All very sweet, but also a useful training exercise for Bendtner: Brockdorff’s children, at sixand three, work out at roughly the same average age as the Arsenal team Bendtner will soon be again a part of, competing in the Carling Cup. And, with the ever expanding Champions’ League, it’s probably useful for him to get used to names like Luel-Brockdorff, which, give or take an ‘AK’ of ‘FC’ prefix, sounds exactly like something you expect to come across on a Tuesday night ITV2 highlights package propping up the rest of Group G.

Melanie Slade – Mel met Theo in a Southampton shopping centre in early 2006, Theo briefly becoming the most famous patron of the West Quay mall until his record was snatched from him from Trinny and Susannah (who filmed a specialepisode of their ‘Undressed’ show there in 2007). Third place isn’t bad, though, a message we can imagine has been reiterated to Walcott several times by his Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, particularly since it now removes the need to qualify for the group stages via the unseeded preliminary rounds.

This was not an altogether atypical venue for the youth of 2006 to spend their Saturdays, even when the youth of 2006 were regarded among the nation’s brightest young football stars. Indeed many have suggested that spending languid days supping slushies and fiddling with the brightness settings on his mobile phone in the food court is, give or take an Umbro provided sports jacket and a six time award winning overspill car park (including three prestigious Safe Car Park gongs), an exact precursor to his World Cup experience.

Holly Jay – long term girlfriend of Arsenal’s Mark Randall, got her “big break,” according to justarsenal.com, when she featured in Zoo magazine’s ‘Gimmie a job’ feature. “She certainly has the qualifications to go far in her chosen career,” say the website. “And we don’t mean her 10 GCSEs,” they go on to further clarify.

REMEMBER – Just click on the individual images of beauties to upload their galleries, so you can get a look of them in greater detail!

So who do you think deserves to be Arsenal’s representative in our search for the greatest Premier League WAG?

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