WAG IDOL – The Liverpool Heat

WAGS, WAGS, WAGS… the media just can’t get enough of them and as we finish the Premier League season we couldn’t resist creating our very own WAG Idol, to find out which player has the loveliest bit of skirt on his arm.

We are running a series of club heats – so please select the wag that gives your club the best chance of taking the Wag crown.

Just click on the individual images of beauties to upload their galleries, so you can get a look of them in greater detail!

Daniella Cavalieri – She is a Brazilian model and wife of reserve Liverpool goalkeeper Diego. Her hobbies, to judge by the available pictorial evidence, include reading, wearing thongs, and reading while wearing a thong. What with her using them to complete an enigmatic motif in modelling shoots, and with him browsing through them with want of a better thing to do while sat on a substitute bench come a match day, the pair must get through some magazines.

Michela Quattrociocche – Alberto Aquilani has taken a while to settle into the Premier League and is yet to fully find his feet in English football, but off the pitch he has scored a stunner. Michela Quattrociocche (quite a mouthful) has starred as an actress in a couple of films including ‘Sorry I Love You’, where her appearance is quite possibly the only reason why you should give it a look. So at least when Aquilani was injured at the start of the season and was waiting to make his Liverpool debut he had someone to keep his spirits up and a flashy wedding is in the pipeline as well.

Yolanda Ruiz – The similarities between next door neighbours and fellow Spaniards Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres in terms of their love lives run deep. Like Torres, Liverpool goalkeeper Reina is married to his long-term girlfriend Yolanda Ruiz, with the pair tying the knot in Cordoba in 2006 prior to the World Cup. Like Dominguez pictures of Ruiz are hard to come across, with a couple of wedding snaps and a shopping trip and celebrity appearance with Dominguez the best we could get our hands on. But the Spanish brunette is definitely worth a second look and is a decent catch for Reina.

Alex Curran – The only place to start in a competition to find the best Liverpool WAG is with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard’s other half Alex Curran. Like a lot of WAGs Curran is a model as well as being a fashion columnist for the Daily Mail, which results in a lot of pictures of her looking pretty hot. The beautiful blonde rivals fellow England WAGs Victoria Beckham, Coleen Rooney and Cheryl Cole as one of the most famous WAGs on these shores, and whilst Gerrard is doing his stuff on the field, Curran has been releasing her top selling fragrance and ingeniously called it ‘Alex’.

Olalla Dominguez – The childhood sweetheart of Liverpool’s star striker Fernando Torres, Dominguez stands at only 5ft 5in but what is it they say about good things coming in small packages? Olalla became Mrs Torres last summer in a small wedding just north of Madrid and it seems as though this couple have their feet firmly on the ground. The couple have had a child together and Dominguez is always pictured hand-in-hand with El Nino, with the Spanish pair bringing a bit of class to the brash and crass world of Premier League WAGs.

REMEMBER – Just click on the individual images of beauties to upload their galleries, so you can get a look of them in greater detail!

So out of our selection of Liverpool lovelies who do you think has a chance of bringing the WAG Idol trophy home for The Reds?


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