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Wag Weekly: Arsenal’s Randall scores a beauty!

Holly-JayHolly Jay, long term girlfriend of Arsenal’s Mark Randall, got her “big break,” according to, when she featured in Zoo magazine’s ‘Gimmie a job’ feature.

“She certainly has the qualifications to go far in her chosen career,” say the website. “And we don’t mean her 10 GCSEs,” they go on to further clarify.

Her chosen career, if you were wondering- perhaps in the hope that they were drafting her in to replace whoever it is they currently have doing the CD and film reviews- is modelling.

A rather cute marketing ploy by Zoo this, presenting themselves as philanthropists doing what they can to help the nation’s jobseekers find a route back into work and, by happy accident, being able to use photos of them naked as a means to achieving that goal.

“We’ve made it completely non-discriminative,” said Editor Nathan Barley, doing his best, presumably, to keep a straight face. An easy enough thing to do, I suppose, when you’re not paying any of them.

“This is about raw, employable talent,” he goes on. “Nothing else. We’ve all got to do our bit to help beat the recession.”- Note the use of a nationwide job loss as a neat marketing tool, here.

Like all strategies in recession defying, though, it’s a plan better suited to some more than others. Take Paul Hart for example. While we don’t doubt that there is many that long to see the recently discarded Portsmouth man posed with his recently discarded clothing somewhere by his feet and just out of shot, he’s probably best advised to stick it out for a while by the phone, filling in his diary and attending the relevant meetings when possible.

It’s not as if unpaid work- crucial to any C.V with employment gaps- is hard to come by in Portsmouth at the moment.

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Holly JayHolly Jay

Article title: Wag Weekly: Arsenal’s Randall scores a beauty!

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