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Wag Weekly: Carrick bags himself a beauty!

michael-carrickCarrick and Roughead were wed on the same day as Steve Gerrard and Gary Neville.  Gerrard and Neville, just to be clear, married different people that day, not each other.  It seems unlikely that you would have needed this clarification, but I do feel that in an article featuring a lady with the surname ‘Roughead’, the last thing any of us need is further complications.

Not, mind, that the six of them seemed overly concerned about the complications caused by their wedding plans on the day itself.  By the time schedules had been worked around, the bride’s family were unlikely to be the only rougheads there.  Although it was suspected that many were simply using these headaches as an excuse to avoid all three weddings.   Who can blame them?   Three different weddings in one day:  throw in some unpleasant right wing torture rhetoric and a romantic subplot and you’ve got the new season of 24.

Not everybody would have been invited to all three, of course.  Indeed, it’s hard to imagine the guest lists of the Nevilles and the Gerrards impeding on one another at all, unless there’d been some sort of double booking involving the DJ.  But one’s concerns cannot help but be diverted to the unlucky guest invited to all three occasions and left in a sticky etiquette pickle.  Certainly, if this was the point where Steve McClaren, England manager at the time, began to realise that International football represented a step too far, then few would choose to take issue with him.

The intense media pressure and huge ego of your charges that comes with managing England could be said to be part and parcel of the job.  But does part and parcel now stretch include three separate parcels, wrapped and labelled professionally, and selected in proper accordance with the specific Bridal registries of each party?  And, if it does, is it any wonder McClaren now chooses to live in Holland?

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Lisa RougheadLisa Roughead

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Article title: Wag Weekly: Carrick bags himself a beauty!

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