Wag Weekly: Berbatov scores a beauty…again!

BerbatocFirst, there was Tedi Velinova.  Then came Elena Shtilianov.   Somewhere sandwiched between them came, apparently- and as if my spell check didn’t need a break- playboy model Nikoleta Lozanova.  You may need more than my word for it if you’ve been asked to mark him out of a Premier League game at any point this season, but, honestly: a man could lose track of Dimitar Berbatov.

Shtilanov represents his long term plans, and he has accordingly denied reports of an affair with the unjustly stunning Lozanova, once romantically linked with unused Liverpool goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov.  We are not here to cast doubt on his denials.  Why would we?  On the subject of unused goalkeepers it seems only right to defer to Berbatov, something of an expert in the field, unused as he frequently leaves goalkeepers up and down the country every weekend.

But the rumours did lead him to all manner of bother, when, allegedly, he was threatened by Lozanova’s current boyfriend and Bulgarian crime boss Georgi Stoilov.   The allegation was never substantiated.   Nor was the other one which claimed the texts in question were actually sent during a Premier League fixture which Dimitar Berbatov was actually playing in.

Putting this behind them, Shtilianov and he plan to wed.  Rumours that the Manchester United forward will spend the entire ceremony slouching at the altar, wearing the look of vague indifference, and leaving his partner to pick up all the slack and do the actual work, were probably began by Wayne Rooney.

Click on the images below to check out the WAG Gallery for each of the Bebatov Babes:

Elena Shtilianov

Girlfriend Elena Shtilianov

Nikoleta Lozanova

Model Nikoleta Lozanova

Tedi Velinova

Catwalk star Tedi Velinova

Daniela Arnaut

Playboy model Daniela Arnaut

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