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Wag Weekly – Lennon scores an absolute beauty!

I suppose you’ve noticed the bandwagon jumpers by now.  Happens every time, of course, and all that can be done is to grin and bear it.  Like Christmas, though, it seems to come earlier every year and for months before it even started it seemed like you couldn’t move for people who wanted to declare an interest in- even, in some extreme cases, attempting to lecture us on- something we spend every day of our life discussing with friends and, for the even more dedicated souls, our online peers on the various message boards dedicated to the subject.  Yes, the WAGs are back and, with them, the World Cup.

And, bloody typical, I get Montana Manning, significant WAG of Aaron Lennon, in the sweep.  I bet those Johnnie- comes- latelies getting on your nerves in the pub tonight talking like amateurs about handbag linings and favourite facial kits  have barely even ever heard of her.  Or they have heard of her but they assumed they heard wrong and the person talking was actually referring to Hannah Montana.

Put it like this: she’s not going to be pulling up any trees out there in South Africa.  Which, as well as opening up her afternoons for spa dates with Abbey Clancy, is probably a good thing from an environmental viewpoint, and a nail care one too.  But it does leave her profile included on The Daily Mail’s Wag Wall-chart woefully short on information.

Under profession we’re offered ‘Model, Actress, Whatever’ which sound like an answer a bored teenager may give a tentative career advisor not picking up on the sardonic tone.  (Though would probably come as little surprise to Daily Mail readers- most of whom probably imagine you can take a degree in Model, Actress, Whatever General Studies nowadays.)

And her attitude to clothes, the type of detail which really helps us objectify others?  Less is more, apparently. A bit of a done to death line that one, but a classic all the same and one which may perhaps come in handy further on in the tournament if her partner finds himself fielding questions about his work rate.

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Article title: Wag Weekly – Lennon scores an absolute beauty!

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