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Wag Weekly: Rio bags himself a real beauty

Rebecca and Rio were married in the summer of last year.  Nothing flash, just your standard two storey glass Great Room, the usual covered up barbequed area with swim up bar, and the positively run of the mill four thousand foot outdoor ‘entertainment square’.  Weddings being weddings, and the British being the British, it seems a safe bet that there was still somebody in attendance who wanted to grumble about the buffet.

The wedding cemented a seven year relationship, during which time the couple have had two children, both of whom they named after the actor Larenz Tate.  They didn’t name both children Larenz Tate, which may have leant a little too hard into obsession, but rather created a hybrid of the two names, assigning one each to both children.  Which is fine, you imagine, whenever the kids are together- as long as they remember to introduce themselves in the right order- but a perhaps less effective tribute whenever they are separate from one another, where it could quite easily become a hassle to have to explain again.

Tate, as anybody who has just searched his name on IMDB knows, played O-Dog in Menace to Society, hardly a suitable role model for the New England captain.  But then, it could be argued that the New England captain is hardly a suitable role model for O-Dog out of Menace to Society.  We’re none of us perfect.  And what’s to say that it wasn’t, in fact, Tate’s memorable turn as ‘Basketball Team Captain’ in one episode of ‘The Wonder Years’ that spawned the Ferdinands’ fandom?  (Pretty memorable episode, that one, it also featured Screech out of ‘Saved by the Bell’.  Where, we wonder, would the Ferdinand offspring have been left had their parents’ affections been swayed the way of Dustin Diamond?  Engaged in an almighty rock, paper, scissors contest to see who got the moniker ‘Diamond’ would be my guess.)

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Article title: Wag Weekly: Rio bags himself a real beauty

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