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Wag Weekly: Alberto Aquilani bags himself a beauty

quattrocioccheLiverpool’s Alberto Aquilani’s other half, Michela Quattrociocche, is an actress by trade, her most famous role the 2008 film ‘Sorry if I love you’.  A madcap romantic comedy, presumably pitched by Eric Cartman dressed as Awesom-o in that episode of South Park, it’s about an Ad executive who runs over a seventeen year old girl in his car, one suspects as a pre-cursor to hilarity ensuing and an unlikely romance blossoming, and earns a chilly 5.3 average user rating on IMDB.  To give you some perspective, this is a full mark and a half lower than Football Factory, itself up a suspicious twenty per cent in popularity this week, presumably after slipping its escort outside Upton Park tube station and using mobile phones to find the others.

One particularly scathing critique of ‘Sorry…’ notes, with the type of personally offended disgust perfected by the unimpressed IMDB reviewer, the ‘indifferent filming’.  You can’t help but worry that this may lead to an uneasy first encounter with Jamie Carragher for Quattrociocche, indifferent filming being a particular bugbear of the former England international, unapologetic in his preference for the more stylised and expansive camera work of early-era Truffaut and Fellini.  And do not get Glen Johnson started on light romantic comedies and their patronising insistence on serving a series of trite clichés and platitudes disguised weakly as a mediation on gender relationships, leading to the genre’s complete inability to illuminate, in any way meaningfully, upon the human condition.  You’ll be here all day, or at least until the masseuse arrives for his afternoon appointment.

Still whatever criticism Quattroci can expect from the would be Roger Eberts in the famed Anfield boot room, she can expect a warmer welcome from the public of Liverpool.  Certainly to go from the average citizens elected to adjudicate on the court matters of especially regarded sports related celebrities, the people of Merseyside don’t appear to regard how people look on camera as especially important, certainly not important enough to be considered evidence of any wrong doing.  A relief there for the new gal, particularly if she enjoys the music of Phil Collins.

Written by Chris Mackin

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Michela QuattrocioccheMichela Quattrociocche

Article title: Wag Weekly: Alberto Aquilani bags himself a beauty

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