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Wag Weekly: Hargreaves scores a beauty!

The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that the best thing about being a relationship is when you’re sick and the best thing about being sick is when you’re in a relationship.  Which I think- not withstanding the cast of Seinfeld’s well documented ability to make the occasional misstep in their stand up routines, which tends to results with them not standing up at any major comedy clubs for the foreseeable future- makes Owen Hargreaves and current squeeze Janelle Khouri the happiest and most love fulfilled people on the entire planet.  I say ‘squeeze’, incidentally, not because I have suddenly turned into Heat magazine’s ‘Spotted section, but because to do anything with Hargreaves above light petting would be to jeopardise his chances of appearing in England’s 2010 World Cup campaign.

Khouri is a footballer herself, a former Canadian Under 20 international and, in 2006- The Year of the WAG- won ‘The Independent’ newspaper’s coveted ‘Trophy wife’ title, which must have been nice for her, as well as a bit patronising.  Or just a bit patronising.

This was an obvious bid from The Independent to, as appropriate to their remit, select the most discerning, hip sounding and littlest known candidate from the WAGs, thus shocking us to our collectively conservative core; making Khouri, by my reckoning, the footballers’ wife equivalent of The Green Party, sushi and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Considered alongside one internet commentator’s words of praise- “she doesn’t use her tits to get your attention”- this is indeed a lot of positive feedback to be taking into to South Africa with her.  And I would hate to diminish it by pointing out that, in all fairness to the some of the more known WAGs and Katy Perry- whom I imagine this particular blogger is centring his ire, if not both eyes and a large percentage of his internet monthly charges on- we would no doubt have eventually found them with or without the additional assistance of them being properly utilised and it seems a bit disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

Written By Chris Mackin

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Article title: Wag Weekly: Hargreaves scores a beauty!

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