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Wag Weekly: New Sunderland star is out of this Miss Universe

Wag Weekly - ZanaIn the summer of 2007, the unusual alliance of Charley out of Big Brother and Roy Keane joined brief forces to question the WAG pulling capabilities of Sunderland.  Charley expressed dismay that her cousin had chosen to relocate there from Manchester and Keane, speaking from his Cheshire home, a commutable 106.66 miles from Sunderland, bemoaned the callous mothers taking active interest in where their children are raised and educated at the expense of his need for a decent full back before the transfer window deadline.

That was then, this is now:  a new day in Sunderland, a bright new dawn, and finally a WAG to call their own.  Not just any WAG, either, the achingly beautiful Zana Krasniqia, who looks like every girl you’ve ever wanted to sleep with rolled in to one and finished sixth in the 2008 Miss Universe contest to boot.  Hark at them.  Are you watching in Suffok and Stringfellows?

Sixth place, not bad, and certainly no one is going to blame her for not breaking into the top four at her first attempt, particularly when competing in the bikini round against a light molecule from the planet Omega GoogleSearch (lovely figures, those molecules).  And, even more positively, any contest that encompasses the solar system in its entirety and all known life forms should put her in good stead for her first visit to the Jacksons pub in Roker, as close an earthly experience as you’re going to get to the bar room scene in Star Wars.

Continuing on her crawl, there’s the Wheatsheaf (rendered in a tasteful pastel white, offset with subtle ‘FTM’ biro lining above the front entrance); the fiercely cosmopolitan Dun Cow; and The Londonderry, a night spot every bit as charming and inviting as its name suggests  and a place where, if she catches it on a particularly rowdy Friday night, may lead Krasniqia to conclude that the historically violent and conflict ridden town in Northern Ireland is named after the pub in Sunderland and not the other way round.

We wish her luck, but also a quick reminder.  You are living in Sunderland, now, Sunderland.Arriving in foreign shores it’s easy to get these small details muddled and when your flight touched down at Newcastle airport, on your way to meet the Newcastle born manager of the football club whose fans only want to sing songs about Newcastle United, well, confusion was inevitable.  But their support can be a little precious about mixing the two up, as displayed when they go abroad and get terse with friendly strangers wanting to know exactly how far away from Newcastle their home is located and, battle scarred space traveller or not, you should be aware of these things.

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Written by Chris Mackin

Article title: Wag Weekly: New Sunderland star is out of this Miss Universe

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