Want to be new Mourinho or Klopp? United London FC may be for you…

We’ve all sat there, glued to a computer monitor as we ponder picking a promising young striker over a struggling veteran, or whether the diamond is the answer ahead of a tricky away trip, with video games having given us a keyhole-sized view into the world of football management.

But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve wanted more than this. You’ve wanted a real say for a real club. Such a notion may have seemed out of reach, but United London FC are looking to break down the barriers between dreams and reality…

The newly-formed club are the first ‘manager-less’ team ever, and are effectively ‘crowd-sourcing’ their weekly starting XI selection. This works by letting fans sign up and vote for the players they want in the team, with those who get the most votes making up the side. Amazing.

The squad will be made up of players who have fallen out of the game from academy, semi professional and professional level, or are have just missed out on pursuing their dream career, allowing them to get their feet back on the ladder and get noticed.

It’s not just blind clicking either, as those who sign up for FREE will be able to watch every game, see behind the scenes training videos and read coaching reports weekly to be able to make informed decisions.

Get over to www.unitedlondonfc.com to read more and watch the video below to find out all the information.