Was Hodgson always on a hiding to nothing?

The Kop at AnfieldAs Roy Hodgson sits back and wonders how his dream Liverpool job turned sour in less than six months, there are many who sympathise with him and believe that he was always on a hiding to nothing at Anfield. Some saw the job as something of a poisoned chalice given the off field problems with Hicks and Gillett, and the financial constraints the club found themselves in. Roy Hodgson was certainly taking on a role where there were known problems behind the scenes, but should it have had any impact on events on the pitch?

Football FanCast ran a poll in the wake of Roy Hodgson’s departure on Saturday morning to ask Liverpool fans whether they felt that Hodgson was taking over a club already in crisis. Some 36% of Liverpool supporters believe that Roy was taken on a poisoned chalice from the off, while a massive 64% felt that it was Hodgson’s own doing.

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