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Wasted talent who’s Liverpool career proved yet another false dawn

Football FanCast guest columnist Les Brightwell wonders if Jermaine Pennant will retire one day and contemplate what could have been.

As a Liverpool fan I am no stranger to bitter people as I live and mix with the blue half of this City, however I do take exception when ex-players come out in the Press and choose to discredit the club, all because they couldn't cut it at Anfield.

Pennant is a disgrace and his outburst says a lot about a player whose career has provided a lot more questions than answers over the years. Here is a player who has always been touted as one with potential, but one who has never actually delivered at any Premier League club he has been at, yet he still believes in this hype that has followed him since his high profile move to Arsenal as a 16-year-old. One day he'll maybe realise that the reason for his failure as a footballer and why he never fulfilled his potential was simply down to his own desire and application as a footballer.

Jermaine obviously believes he has now made it since he joined the not so mighty Real Zaragoza, but what
right has he got to pass judgment on a man like Rafa Benitez and a consummate pro like Dirk Kuyt? Call it sour grapes if you like, but I have always felt that if every player showed the same level of commitment, effort and work-rate that Dirk Kuyt showed then we would have been Champions long ago. The problem is Pennant is one the classic archetypical modern footballer who is paid a lot of money, thinks he is five times the player he actually is and who rather than put the necessary effort in to prove themselves to be the best that he can, remains content and happy to pick up the pay check regardless if they play or not. They are a disgrace to the game, especially when you compare them to those players like Kuyt and Benayoun who would run through brick walls for the team, despite being on a similar wage. One day I am sure he'll wake up in the future and look at what he actually achieved in the game and wondered what could have been, had
he showed the application and desire to succeed.

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Article title: Wasted talent who’s Liverpool career proved yet another false dawn

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