We Are Eleven: #3 Miss Fiel And The Faithful Hawks

Brazil Starlets: Brazilian FlagBrazil is widely regarded as the most successful football nation on earth and the South American country lives and breathes football. The largest soccer fan club in the world belongs to São Paulo’s Sport Club, Corinthians Paulista. Their supporters, Gaviões da Fiel, are renowned for being the biggest organized rooting association in the world. They have over 80,000 supporters, and among them you will find soccer muses, a samba school, and arguably the most impressive float at São Paulo’s Carnaval. In short, they inspire passion like no other club. We hang out with them on match day as they get geared up at their clubhouse, fill the busses to head to the stadium and ultimately go nuts in the stands.

[youtube WAj_-28rjlM]

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