Wenger should bide his time with Wellington Silva

There are few young players that have attracted the sort of attention and expectation from supporters like Wellington Silva has at Arsenal. Silva is being built up as one of the finest and most exciting young striking talents to emerge from Brazil in years and it appears that Fluminense loss has become Arsenal’s gain.

A £3.5m move for the 17-year-old has been agreed; but the Brazilian is unable to officially be registered until January 2011. Fluminense are keen to retain their young star on a loan basis and while they are suggesting it will aid his development, you do sense it is down that they simply want him to fill their striking hole left by the sale of Maicon to Lokomotiv Moscow. I wonder if it might be such a bad decision to let Wellington Silva remain in Brazil for next season at least, as surely playing competitive football is far more beneficial to his development.

Arsene Wenger as we know is overly protective of his young players, but is allowing his new signing to have another season of development in familiar surroundings really going to have such an adverse effect? While adjusting to new surroundings and a footballing culture won’t happen overnight, and you can understand Wenger’s keenness to get Silva settled in England as soon as possible, you do wonder whether mundane reserve team football, or the odd Carling Cup tie is what the player needs and whether it will do him any harm to get a full season of competitive football behind Silva before he arrives in north London? Let’s be honest with youngsters like Walcott, Vela, Bendtner set to be ahead of him for the striking berths, is there any rush to bring Silva over until the following summer?

Should Wenger entertain the idea of allowing Wellington Silva to remain in Fluminense to aid his development, or would it be better to get him settled as soon as possible in England?

Written by Billy Pearson