Wenger falls victim to a blatant double standard

Football FanCast guest columnist Ian Pritchard believes it is clearly one rule for Wenger and one for Ferguson.

So much has been said, and so much has been written in response to Fergie's outburst about Alan Wiley and his fitness that little attention has been made about his foul-mouthed tirade that he gave Mike Dean, in light of a penalty not been given at the Stretford End. It was a total disgrace, a blatant disregard and more importantly for me as an Arsenal fan, it represented a blatant double standard.

Consistency in officiating is nothing new, but it says something that the fourth official in question can send off Arsene Wenger for a kicking a water bottle, after a heinous decision that was against the club, and yet he incredibly turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the expletives and spitting rage of Ferguson in his face. What is this one rule for Wenger and one for Sir Alex?

We have known for some time that referees shat themselves when it comes to Ferguson and it probably accounts for the basic law that you never get any decisions at Old Trafford, but regardless of whatever happens in the fallout and what punishment that Fergie may or may not get, there are still going to be referees out there who have their favourites and those who they are going to show a blatant disregard to. I have always thought that Wenger and Arsenal in general tends to get the thin end of the wedge with them and perhaps the reason for it, as he pointed out today, is that he doesn't allow himself or his players to get too close to the officials. Maybe if Wenger did suck up a bit, then he wouldn't have had to have faced the hideous lack of respect that was shown to him when sent to the stands at Old Trafford and subsequently exposed to vile abuse that the United faithful shouted at him.