Is West Ham’s interest in Becks for all the right reasons?

The city of Chicago is widely known as the ‘windy city’. It is commonly considered that this is a nickname which derived from the long-winded and boastful speeches of Chicago politicians. Like their friends across the pond, it seems the owners of West Ham are beginning to produce some wind of their own. The potential bubbles may be pretty, but given their current situation, any interest in David Beckham could surely wait until they have secured Premiership survival.

We all know what comes with David Beckham. He is the most well know sports star in the World and the first to truly become globally renowned as a celebrity. His value should not, and given the amounts paid by the likes of Real Madrid and LA Galaxy, is not underestimated. Surely he should still be considered as a footballer rather than a marketing tool? Not so it seems for Mr.Gold and Sullivan.

Speaking to the News of the World, Gold said: “David keeps on showing he still has so much to offer and if he’s available then we want to be bidding.”

So far so good. In my eyes, Beckham still has the quality and could prove a decent player for the Hammers alongside the likes of Scott Parker and Mark Noble.

“It’s not only a case of what he can do on the pitch but what he does off it – he’d be a sensational ambassador for his home-town club.“

Hmm, now I’m getting a bit suspicious. These men have come in to ‘save’ a struggling football club and take it back to ‘where it belongs’. Players should be signed to improve the quality of football. An ‘ambassador’ is not really a necessity at West Ham.

“He’s a local boy like the two owners and this could appeal to him. It’s not fanciful as he has so much to offer. His arrival would be massive.”

The last sentence is correct. The arrival of Beckham at West Ham would be massive, but would it be for the wrong reasons? Are the owners looking at David Beckham the footballer or David Beckham the cash cow? I’d gamble on the latter, especially given that his ability to perform at the top level is now being questioned after his Achilles injury.

I guess you can’t really blame the owners for expressing their interest. However much he may cost, he will probably make up for in revenue. The real question would be whether West Ham needs such a player? The heroes of Upton Park have become so because of their performances and passion for the club. Would Bobby Moore or Paolo Di Canio be cult figures if they sold millions of shirts across the World but spent most of their time on the bench?

Gold and Sullivan have taken some stick since taking-over at West Ham. This is the latest in a number of comments that the club could probably have done without. Zola’s men are currently one place outside the relegation zone based on goal-difference and, not only are the comments badly timed; they also suggest a worrying sense of greed. These are of course the men who, upon taking over, proclaimed their love for a club they grew up supporting. If that is really the case, I suggest they remind themselves of the reasons they feel so strongly and see just how far down ‘financial potential’ comes on that list.