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West Ham are falling victim to one ‘vicious circle’

Football FanCast guest columnist Des Carter looks at the vicious circle surrounding the West Ham management team.

The problem with today's media is that is very hard to gauge what is going on at your football club because even the most minor of issues gets blown out of all proportion. Unfortunately it then subsequently tends to manifest itself and not to mention put unnecessary pressure on those involved.

At West Ham we are falling victim to a series of claims and counter claims with regards to the management. Reports suggest that there is an uneasy relationship between Zola and Nani; something Gianfranco has vehemently denied, but my own personal view is that something clearly is unsettling the manager. I'm not suggesting that everything is hunky dory between the management team and Duxbury, because I doubt it is, but my feelings are that they have grown frustrated due to circumstances out of their control, largely in part to the current financial state that the club finds itself in.

In many ways it is a vicious circle as firstly Zola wants to build a successful team, however hasn't got the necessary funds to strengthen and is being forced to lose key players due to the club's financial constraints. Nani likewise would love to be able to give Zola more assistance in the transfer market, but being accountable to the board he knows that the books need to be balanced and sacrifices have to be made with the playing staff. Duxbury unfortunately is the one in the middle here and as much as he has a great love of the club and wants to see it succeed he knows his hands are tied why CB look to resolve the financial problems left by the previous regime. In many ways all three have been left wanting, because of what has gone on before and until such time that a takeover can be completed then this will continue to be the case. All want the same thing, but the problem is that they are all powerless to be able to do anything about it.

Unfortunately the upshot of this has been bad performances on the pitch and hopefully these next two weeks will represent a good time for a coming together, thrash out their grievances, so the club can move forward. It is nobody's fault and really they are just victim of circumstances that are beyond their control.

Article title: West Ham are falling victim to one ‘vicious circle’

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