West Ham hung out to dry as the pound sign remains king

Football FanCast guest columnist Dean McCann feels that West Ham are being left hung out to dry by Lucas Neill.

I suppose we should have known better, I mean after all he did arrive at West Ham after turning down the possibility of Champions League football at Liverpool, that Lucas Neill is dictated by the pound sign. I suppose there was a little part of me that thought that after our turnaround of fortunes and the bright future we seemingly had under Zola that the Australian will see Upton Park as the place to be and commit himself to the club for the rest of his career. Unfortunately he is refusing to take a pay cut and subsequently Zola probably now has to go out and look for a replacement.

It still amazes me that in a world where footballers are multi millionaires that they still hanker for the most money as it's their only incentive. Footballers bang on that they have a short career blah, blah, but the vast majority have accumulated enough money to retire for two lifetimes; it is simply pure greed on the player's part and yet another sorry chapter in the way football is going into decline.

I guess too many we have made a rod for our own back here and in many ways our current financial plight is evidence of the mismanagement of the previous regime, where high wages were the order of the day. Neill must have surely realised that we are in no position to pay him what he was on before given the financial turmoil we are in. It seems to me that the player is using us as some sort of insurance policy, in case he didn't get a higher offer elsewhere but now Galatasaray have reportedly tempting him away we are left high and dry with the season merely three weeks away. It is disgraceful the way we have been treated, but should we have expected any different.


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