What do Tottenham fans REALLY want?

Harry Redknapp, Tottenham managerTottenham have two baskets this season. One that is labelled ‘ 4th place’ and another labelled ‘Champions League’. Which is more important for the fans?

Tottenham players looked distracted on Saturday. Personally I think Harry Redknapp missed a trick. But now that has been and gone for Tottenham they can only focus on the games to come. There is no point dwelling on a draw at Wigan. Admittedly, after Saturday’s game a few more of Spurs’s eggs have been thrown into the Champions League basket. But that is not such a bad thing. I would rather Tottenham put all their eggs in the ‘Champions League’ basket, than all their eggs in the ‘fourth place’ basket.

My head is telling me that “4th spot is more important”. Tottenham have made progress both on the field and financially in the last few years. But they are still punching above their weight in the Champions League. Sure the signs are there that they can become a big power in Europe, but that is due to the squad, manager and the fan base. Financially they still have an awful long way to go before they even break into the top ten richest clubs. For the good of the club, Tottenham need a fourth place finish for the money the Champions League brings in.

I would love Tottenham to finish in the top four again this year. After tasting the sweet excitement of top flight European football this year, Tottenham fans will surely be left with a very bitter taste in their mouth, should they be watching Europa League next year. The most likely chance they have of securing this is to finish fourth in the League.

But my heart is shouting “Champions League success”. If Tottenham did manage to finish fourth this year, what is the best they can hope for next season? Another fourth place finish would continue the progress and set Tottenham up for the following season where they would try to finish fourth yet again again. The more regularly a team plays in the Champions league, the more it establishes itself as a top club.

But realistically, to establish yourselves in the top four, Tottenham need to be able to compete financially with the big boys. Tottenham are never going to compete financially with Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea or Manchester United unless they get a new stadium. Getting in the Champions League will help to stay in touch with the big spenders, but the match-day revenue generated by the White Hart Lane is a massive problem. Arsenal are the model they would ideally follow. Big stadium. Good youth set up. They don’t rely on a sugar daddy. But they rely on The Emirates. Tottenham don’t have a stadium like that.

Supporting a team is about the ups and downs. The lows make the highs even better. Tottenham fans have had ten years of mediocrity to deal with. Sure there have been two league cups, that they have just about survived on, but there is a hunger for success at White Hart Lane. As a fan, you have to ride this wave, revel in the glory. That means trying to win the Cup this year, not trying to secure fourth place just to be in the competition next year.

So, Tottenham’s building for the future is all good and well, but with the Sugar Daddy influence, Tottenham are fighting an uphill battle, especially while they remain at White Hart Lane. This year Tottenham have as good a chance as they will ever have to win the biggest competition in European football. It should be taken with both hands and it should be the priority, even if that means playing in the Europa League next season.

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