What does a Celebrity Football Fan say about a club?

What does a celebrity fan say about your club? We couldn’t include all the fans out there, but here is a little rep from each of the 20 PL clubs. Who else is out there and how do they convey your clubs message?

Arsenal – Matt Lucas: Appeals to the masses as a source of entertainment but can lack the cutting edge to be a real contender for the serious honours. Popular due to their best work as part of a team.

Aston Villa – Prince William: Big name and a title with history. Has been a source of potential for a few years now but is still waiting to realise their finest hour and it looks as though the wait may be a long one.

Birmingham – Jasper Carrott: Unfashionable but effective. One puts the orange in their name, while the other puts in on the head of their boss.

Blackburn – Carl Fogarty: A previous champion with a good engine. Success has come from making sure they get to their goal as fast and directly as possible.

Blackpool – Bill Beaumont: Played at the highest level in previous years, they are more suited, and used to, games with much bigger score lines than most other football games.

Bolton – Amir Khan: Underrated talent that continues to add a flamboyance to their game. Ultimately however, if they so choose, they can just beat you up.

Chelsea – Damon Albarn: Has increased their influence over their industry over the last fifteen years. In doing so however, they have managed to build up a rivalry with some Mancunians.

Everton – Paul McCartney: Talented and held in high regard, but regardless of their achievements they will always be compared to someone close by who seems to take all the glory.

Fulham – Lily Allen: Considering the talent they have at their disposal, their recent climb has seen them greatly over-achieve.

Liverpool – Jimmy Tarbuck: Massive in the 70s and 80s, they were a household name and seemingly everywhere. Not nearly as successful as they used to be, but still around.

Man City – Oasis: Grown from relatively small beginnings to dominate the market. However, the domination has brought critics, and they may not be as popular as they were before all the money.

Man Utd – Geoff Boycott: Held in high esteem and now virtually an institution in their field. Not afraid to offer their opinion on matters whether people agree or not. Can get away with things others may not, due to their performances throughout history.

Newcastle – Sting: The ability to regularly sell out massive arenas has led to a slightly over-inflated sense of self-worth. Has benefited from time away from the limelight.

Stoke – Nick Hancock: Obsessed with football. Whether long throw-ins or terrible acting and plugging of supermarkets, the attacks constantly come from the surrounding advertising.

Sunderland – Paul Collingwood: Been a reasonably consistent performer without striking massive amounts of fear in their opponents. Gradually increasing their profile.

Spurs – Bruce Forsyth: Has always been around, and their best days were considered in the past, but after some stuttering they have had a resurgence. Their popularity has increased, but questions remain at this very moment over whether they can handle the workload.

WBA – Adrian Chiles: The yo-yo. Going from one to the next, the good to the bad. Do I like him or do I find him annoying? Are they staying up or are they going down. Are they on ITV or BBC? Are they in the Premiership or the Championship?

West Ham – Keira Knightly: Easy on the eye and attractive to watch, if not a bit boyish. It may look good, but can be particularly frail and fragile.

Wigan – errrmmm…: Rugby anyone?

Wolves – Noddy Holder: Were really successful in their heyday when they had big afros and curly hair.

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