What has happened to the officiating in this country?

Does a weekend ever go past without some sort of refereeing controversy that provokes a clamour for technology to be introduced into football, or assistance from the 4th official in order to improve decision making. The bottom line is that referees and linesmen don’t even get the basics right, so how far will the use of technology go.

The standard of officiating within the game is in steady decline and that is what is extremely concerning. By suggesting that technology could solve the problem is a fallacy and the game is in danger of spiralling out of control. Introducing technology could open up a huge can of worms and even a simple decision like an offside may need assistance, such is the failing of officials in the modern game. A linesman and referee couldn’t even see Luis Suarez’s blatant handball in last week’s FA Cup tie – their incompetence is simply astounding.

It is almost laughable and Soccer Saturday does an excellent job in highlighting it most weeks. Whether it be the ludicrous double sending off at Upton Park the other week, or the atrocious double standards in Aston Villa’s recent home game against Wigan – the bottom line is that the majority are just not up to the job anymore.

The real problem is where does football go from here, I mean the call for technology is all well and good, but where does it end? Are we going to have an almost circus like event every week, where managers can challenge decisions at will? Lets be honest the recent decisions we have witnessed gives a real indication of the frustration that managers face week in, week out – not to mention showing us the worrying state of officiating in the game at present. Roberto Martinez was quoted at Stamford Bridge last season claiming that we don’t need technology, but officials who know the basics in football – I for one couldn’t agree more.