What would Fergie and Wenger make of their player’s actions?

If you think the England team has major problems, then just look what’s been going on in the French camp this summer.

The French national side look to be out of total control and in utter disarray, after several bust-ups involving staff and players has effectively ended their World Cup campaign in South Africa.

All the drama kicked off prior to the start of the World Cup when Raymond Domenech left a number of French stars including the likes of Samir Nasri, Patrick Vieira and Karim Benzema at home. Domenech omissions of these stars have left not only the French population scratching their heads, but as well as other fans around the world (including myself)

The manager has not been a popular figure amongst the players, the French press and many of the country’s fans for his tactics and team selection in the World Cup. The players body language suggest that there is a lot of friction and disharmony amongst the group, and at half-time against Mexico last week, Nicolas Anelka let rip on Domenech. The Chelsea striker is reported to have told the disillusioned manager ‘Go f*** yourself, you son of a w****’, this inevitably saw the French striker being sent home by the French Football Federation, and as such, the player will not feature in the national side any time soon.

Following Anelka’s exclusion, the French squad have since refused to train and have revolted against the FFF’s decision on sending the striker packing. The walk-out came just moments after an intense dispute between France fitness coach Robert Duverne and captain Patrice Evra boiled over, with the left-back claiming that the Anelka story had been leaked by some form of ‘traitor’.

Taking this all into consideration (and it is a lot) what would the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger make of their French stars actions in South Africa this summer?

Evra appears to be the ringleader of this ‘French circus’ following his actions and recent statements released to the media. However, with this being said, would Fergie actually care what his left-back does whilst wearing the Blue of France? It’s debatable, and this would probably be the same for Wenger with Abou Diaby, William Gallas, Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna. Nevertheless, the two Premier League managers would like to see their players play football and more importantly to act in a professional manner whilst on international duty. Wenger and Fergie may be surprised to hear and see what has transpired in the French camp, although, they may have seen it coming from the start.

Many fans around the world will agree that the French players are certainly not acting in a professional manner, especially by revolting against any sort of authority, it’s just wrong to do as a footballer, period. Even if the manager is disliked and or not respected highly, it’s still the player’s job to play the game, and as such, perform well…if not for themselves then for their fans back at home and those who travelled to South Africa.

I would think that Fergie and Wenger would be slightly concerned with their player’s actions, but not overly. They would not stand for such behaviour at their clubs that’s for sure. If it were to ensue at club level at any time, then both Fergie and Wenger would unquestionably deal with the problem quickly and sufficiently. Both managers would not like to see their players in the papers for the wrong reasons, due to the fact that it may draw bad and unnecessary publicity towards their clubs. However, I would argue that whilst the players in question are not wearing their club colours, then it won’t be too much of an issue for Fergie and Wenger to worry about, but that’s just my opinion of course.

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