What chance did Wenger have with such a poisonous element?

Football FanCast guest columnist David Henson is delighted to see the back of Adebayor at Arsenal.

If ever there was an award for the PFA's most deluded footballer of the year then Emmanuel Adebayor would win it hands down every time. Such is the crassness of this guy, who this week alone has come out with so much drivel, even by his own lofty standards that it is understandable that his head didn't fit into that hat he wore when he arrived at Eastlands to sign his contract. He doesn't need his own publicist or PR team, because he has happy to tell any journalist going personally how great he is.

What I found incredible was the garbage he came out with about his actions last summer where he conceded that he never wanted to leave Arsenal and he couldn't help it that Barcelona, Real Madrid and AC Milan were all trying desperately to sign him…is he for real? Doesn't he think that those clubs in question with their sizeable bank accounts could have obtained his services if they had wanted him? Does he also not realise that the reason supporters turned on him, apart from his lack of effort and application shown last season, was the continued way that he courted the media last summer and talk of his great love for other clubs, whilst still an Arsenal player.

How the hell did he think we were going to react? He insulted us and the club in every single way possible and more importantly Arsene Wenger who made him the player he was, I mean how the ‘professor' can expect to build a side capable of winning honours with poisonous elements like this within his squad, no doubt it rubbed up a lot of the other players and I was glad to see Gael Clichy come out today and claim what has always been the real motivation behind his move.

In many ways Man City and Adebayor are the perfect match – plenty of money, but a distinct lack of class.

Article title: What chance did Wenger have with such a poisonous element?

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