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What have Arsenal ever done to warrant all this…

Football FanCast guest columnist Roger Hall
is fed up of this media witch-hunt
against Arsenal.

Football, with every passing
week, is starting to leave a sour taste in my mouth and the game I used to know
and love had turned into an absolute farce, as the media, press and pundits
look to focus on the negative aspects of the games, rather than the actual

The reason for my rant was
down to watching my beloved Arsenal tear apart one of the poorest sides in the
Premier League. After the histrionics from last week's defeat in Manchester,
you felt now would be the time to focus back on football, but the media just
won't let us go and their sheer voyeurism of everything we do is extremely worrying
to say the least. They are clearly intent to do Arsenal for everything they
can, regardless of how much of a barrel they have to scrape.

I couldn't believe what I was
reading when I arrived home from the Emirates yesterday and rather than read
the match reports on a rather convincing afternoon, all the online publications
went with Arsenal and Eboue in cheat storm, or words to that effect. It is absolutely
disgusting and why the Ivorian punched the ball I have to ask the question as
to what exactly is the big deal about it – he certainly wouldn't be the first
or last player to do it and yet he is branded a cheat, while every other
weekend John Terry happily defends the goal with his hands – nothing to do with
him being England captain I presume.

I find the inconsistencies of
the press absolutely incredible and it is clear that every decision given to
Arsenal is going to go under the microscope and rather than focus on the
sublime football we produce, the media will rather choose to report on anything
that perhaps is untoward. It is a disgrace quite frankly and it's clear they
have an agenda to get us after the decision to let Eduardo off and they
seemingly are not going to quit until they have broken us. Perhaps Wenger
should start to ban some of the press at the Emirates like Fergie does – it
doesn't seem to do them any harm, I mean when was the last time you read
negative press towards United?

Soccer Millionaire

Article title: What have Arsenal ever done to warrant all this…

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