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What is his obsession with Arsenal FC?

Football FanCast guest columnist Jim Holmes wished that Emmanuel Adebayor would just move on.

I don't know who Emmanuel Adebayor's advisor or PR man is, but if he had any good sense he will tell his client to button it and just get on with his football.

The Togolese's obsession with Arsenal is bordering on the excessive and there doesn't seem a week that passes he doesn't feel the need to comment and make remarks about his former employers; the very people that he keeps proclaiming he has no interest in anymore. His behaviour seems to reflect that of a jilted lover that perhaps the club should take some injunction out against him.

It really is endless and Ade now needs to move on. Perhaps he revelled in the column inches and being in the spotlight so much that he is hoping for a second coming, by regurgitating his own tale of woe that he was forced out of the football club and how he felt shunned by supporters. He also revealed his deep regret at stamping on RVP's face – trying to convince us all, that he actually has a heart and sincere side. Why don't you just move on Ade, leave us alone and stop talking about us and instead show your new supporters the respect they deserve. I doubt they welcome your clear pining for Arsenal, so why don't you do us all a favour and just get over it – we have moved on, perhaps it is time for you to do so too.

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Article title: What is his obsession with Arsenal FC?

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