What is this man’s problem with Arsenal FC?

Football FanCast guest columnist Don Smith cannot understand what Ashley Cole's problem is with Arsenal.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word as far as Ashley Cole is concerned who cannot resist having continual swipes at his former club. I would love to know exactly what we ever done wrong and why he feels so bitter.

I use to have a huge amount of respect for Ashley Cole and was delighted to see this kid come through the ranks and then become one of, if not, the best left backs in the world. He seemed content at Arsenal, a future captain in the making and I felt we had another one club player on our hands. In all honesty he is best player to come through the system since big Tone and it's such a shame that there was a parting in the ways.

We all know the reasons behind it and the infamous quotes in his book that caused such resentment among supporters, and whoever advised him made a huge faux pas. In many ways I understood Cole's concerns, because he was arguably one of the top three players at the club and yet others were on bigger wages. Unfortunately like most players that come through the system in any walk of life your pay rises are scaled differently and unlikely to show parity with external appointments, Cole definitely was right to expect more money, but there are ways and means of expressing it.

What staggered me about the whole incident in question was the lack of remorse shown by the player. Perhaps sensitivity isn't one of his strong points, but he could have made life a damn sight easier had he apologised and gave a clearer reasoning for it, instead of crawling into his shell and continually biting the club that made you the player you are. Not once did the club ever condemn his actions and in fact Wenger always speaks highly of him, yet Cole cannot resist taking a swipe at every opportunity with today being a new low.

"I have friends at City and I hope they do really well – and that they finish above Arsenal," said Cole.

"I think it's going to be hard for City but they could do it. They may click straight away and it's magic. I hope they do." (SkySports)

So Ashley has got friends at Man City, hardly surprising given the way that club now operates and I doubt many would be shocked if he ended up joining them in time given their new found wealth, but why the dig at Arsenal?

It is a shame he cannot conduct himself with some maturity, respect and appreciation for what our football club did and spent in his development, rather than these continued cheap shots. Maybe one day it may well dawn on him what we have done for him, but I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath.


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