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What is THIS man’s problem with Rafa Benitez?

Football FanCast guest columnist Tom Fitzpatrick wonders what is Warnock’s problem with Rafa Benitez and feels he should just let it go.

If there is one thing that I always failed to understand with regards to Sheffield United compensation claims is that nobody is prepared to mention that they choked in the last 6 games of the season and that is why they were relegated. Players are taking out their own claims, even players like Horsfield who never even played in one game that season, and everyone has decided to blame Tevez as the reason. Sad state of affairs really, but would you expect anything else with someone as bitter and twisted as Neil Warnock at the helm.

The buck stops with the manager at the end of the day and over 38 games they went down as did his status as a ‘Premier League manager’ which clearly upsets him. Since he left Sheffield he continues to be bitter, blaming everyone else for his failings and in particular Rafa Benitez, it is one continual swipe after the other and today once again proved no different. He still carping on about our trip to Craven Cottage and our perceived weaken side we put out.

Of course it is personal; I mean I have never once heard him question how West Ham were able to go to Old Trafford on the last day of the season and win. Of course Fergie had rested some of his players with cup final looming, but yet not a murmur or finger pointing was made at old sour face and yet Benitez, along with the whole Carlos Tevez affair gets all the blame.

His latest outburst came after asked the question as to whether he would be resting any players tomorrow with Sheff Utd set to play his new club Palace in the crunch fixture. It is clear old wounds don’t heal and he decided to jump on his soap box and reminded that Rafa is the man responsible for his failings to keep them up:

“I want to win every game, even though of late we haven’t been good enough to do that,

“We won’t do what Liverpool did. I have too much respect for other teams, unlike some people.” (Various)

Get over yourself man, let it go, realise that you couldn’t cut it in the top league and that is why you ultimately got your side relegated. It was in your hands, all you had to do was beat Wigan at home and you choked on the big occasion. Forgive us for having bigger fish to fry and the need to rest players, at the end of the day we had a Champions League final to prepare for and your sorry late was as much concern to us as it was to Fergie’s on the last day of the season. Of course you would think twice about criticising him now wouldn’t you? Enjoy life in the Championship won’t you; I mean you found your level there.

Article title: What is THIS man’s problem with Rafa Benitez?

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