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What is THIS man’s real intentions at Arsenal?

Football FanCast guest columnist Tim Withers wonders what Stan
Kroenke's intentions at Arsenal are.

week goes by and Stan Kroenke buys a few more Arsenal shares, yet the word
coming out of the Texan Billionaires mouth is that he has no intention to mount
a takeover bid for the club. So what is his plan then and why is he so
unwilling to concede his long term objectives, especially as with every passing
week it seems obvious?

I am no
money man and so anyone out there is welcome to put me straight about this, but
why is he adopting such a tentative approach in his buying of shares. Surely if
he wants to be a long term feature at this football club, after all he accepted
a seat on the board, then why doesn't he jump in and look to seize full control
of the football club and attempt to make Usmanov a suitable offer for his
stake. Wouldn't it be wise to ensure that the current regime in charge of
Arsenal, who have posted record financial figures, are retained?

I don't
know about anyone else but with two big shareholders, both who seemingly are
pulling in different directions, I just fear that the potential for unrest and
problems will always exist. Too many cooks spoil the broth, as they say, and
why the majority of existing shareholders tend to favour the American, there is
nothing to suggest that this possibly won't change in the future.  

So why is
Kroenke adopting the softly, softly approach, shouldn't he just jump in and
take the plunge?

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Article title: What is THIS man’s real intentions at Arsenal?

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