What’s the most important trait you look for in a footballer?

Liverpool captain Steven GerrardSome footballers appear to have it all. The ability to pass, shoot, and tackle are paramount, but those who possess the mental qualities alongside those prove to be the top players.

The will to win, the commitment, the drive and the passion are also crucial. A willingness to die for the cause. Each club will immediately have a player who displays all those qualities that will spring to mind.

Perhaps Wayne Rooney at Manchester United, who’s passion and desire to win is second to none.

Chelsea fans will point to their captain John Terry, who’s leadership skills on the pitch has never been questioned during his long career.

While Liverpool will point to Steven Gerrard, a man who has almost single handedly won matches for his team so many times, and been the main man behind the trophies won.

All of these men have shown incredible passion, loyalty, hunger and desire to win.

But what would you say is the most important trait you look for in a footballer?

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