Where would we be without the perennial transfer saga?

So we are well into the ‘off season’ of football – well if you can call it that with the Euros and now the Olympics, and the as per usual cycle of ‘will he won’t he’ has resumed. In the past few years, we have had Cesc gate, where we were told that the player was ‘suffering’ due to the constant tug of love between Barcelona and Arsenal, there has even been Carlos Tevez who felt so unhappy he had to behave in a frankly audacious manner to get City to push him out of the door (on to what can only be described as the golf course) and this was in the middle of the season. William Gallas was so keen to leave Chelsea there were even rumours he threatened to score an own goal and anyone who saw his behaviour during his time at Arsenal would probably take that threat as gospel.

This summer we been treated to two major sagas, the one of Robin Van Persie, who after one injury-free goal heavy season feels that Arsenal are beneath him – quite frankly for £20 million Wenger should snap a potential suitor’s hand off – and the long-standing Luca Modric to Real Madrid kerfuffle.

Clearly for the clubs and people involved in them it’s a summer of waiting and worrying, but for the rest of us it is something to pass the time and give us something to talk about during the long and lonely summer months whilst we count down the days to that weekend in August and the return of the Premier League.

Some transfer news features down right ludicrous rumours that make you feel the journalist in question has picked a random player and potential club to move to and made a headline out of just about anything. Just because a player is spotted in Manchester does not mean their agent is thrashing out a deal with Fergie at that exact moment.

Even the bizarre rumours are something we can enjoy and discuss but nothing beats a summer long guaranteed headline maker drawn out saga. If not just to hear how badly the player is suffering sat in his not so shabby house in north London, longing to make the move to rainy Manchester where trophies and a rather hefty pay check await.

For those of you who hate said sagas and would rather read about Balotelli’s latest bar bill or indeed just what Joe Hart is getting up to on his holidays the summer must be an incredibly hard time of ifs and maybes with transfer stories gaining momentum and falling apart at the last hurdle. If this is the case, a copy of Heat magazine rather than The Sun may be required during the summer, as you can’t fail to get your daily gossip about off the field antics of our footballing heroes.

However the rest of us can sit back and enjoy, the transfer window has a while to go yet and things are only going to heat up further as deadlines draw ever closer and battle lines are laid out between players and clubs, and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next.